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Who's the Most Evil Queen of All?
Who’s the Most Evil Queen of All?


Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) is in serious contention for most evil queen of all. Technically, she's not even a queen; she's a sorceress, but with a name like Maleficent, and the will to do such foul deeds, she's given a place of honor on our list.

Maleficent — defined by the dictionary as "doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious" — is not trying to conquer lands, gain immortality or eternal beauty, or unseat a rightful ruler. She is simply offended that the king and queen failed to invite her to their daughter Aurora's christening, while inviting the three good fairies of the kingdom. Talk about being dissed.

She curses Aurora, who then pricks her finger on a spindle, falling into a 100-year mega-nap. Prince Phillip, her true love, goes forth to rescue her, with help from the good fairies. Maleficent blocks his efforts by kidnapping and imprisoning him, sending her minions out to get him and surrounding the castle with a forest of thorns.

When all else fails, she transforms herself into a gigantic dragon, and may be the only Disney villain ever to swear when she summons "all the powers of HELL." The prince defeats her with a well-placed sword to the heart, and she falls to her death from a cliff.

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