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The Most Taxing People in Film

It's long been a cliché to say that the only things certain in life are death and taxes, but while you can find tax shelters and possibly even stave off death for a time with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, there's no getting around the certainty that Hollywood will be dumping another load of dreck on your doorstep every year. Count on it.

So this year, rather than moping about our mediocre tax returns (or the box office's equally mediocre returns), we've solicited from our writers a list of the 10 people in Hollywood who tax them the most. Whether it's Angelina Jolie's glassy stares, Michael Bay's incoherent action diarrhea or Robert De Niro's descent into Fockerville, these are the Hollywood luminaries we'd like to stick a stamp on and mail off to Ogden, Utah. Let the IRS have 'em.

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What Hollywood stars and directors tax you? Is there anyone on our list that you don't think deserves to be there? Write us at  

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