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  • Rumor: Action star Jackie Chan is dead - MSNDid Jackie Chan, the 59-year-old ... really fall to his death while filming a movie in Austria? ... this time falling off of a 12-story building. Unlike last time ...
  • Jackie Chan is working on musical of his life - MSN Music NewsJune 12, 2013, 10:12 AM EST. WENN. Martial arts legend and actor Jackie Chan is adapting his best-selling memoir for the stage. ... MSN Fall Music Guide.>1-28101=
  • Videodrone Cult Watch: Jackie Chan's 'Police Story' and ...... energetic and narratively surreal action movies were pouring out of the Hong Kong studios at a breakneck pace, Jackie Chan's "Police Story" ...
  • Owen Wilson - Photos - MSN MoviesOwen Wilson photos: view Owen Wilson in focus photos, movie still photos and red carpet photos
  • Actor Jackie Chan - 15 tycoons who won't leave their ...Actor Jackie Chan. Actor Jackie ChanThe movie star announced in 2011 that he had decided to give away half his ... Profit magazine stories; Taxes; Calculators; Video;
  • Jackie Chan : upcoming film will be last big action movie... Kung Fu superstar Jackie Chan ... Chan is a treasure hunter seeking to repatriate sculpture heads of the 12 animals of ... movies are only part of the story;
  • Exclusive 'Police Story' DVD Extra: "Jackie Chan Tribute ...... Chan. 1985's "Police Story" was Chan's cinematic ... actor/martial arts maestro Jackie Chan. 1985's "Police Story" was Chan's ... 12/20/06. Views: 52014.
  • 'Namaste', Jackie Chan gives back love to Indian fans ...... Jackie Chan gives back love to Indian fans. ... and risk my life for all you fans," he said as the star of movies like 'Police Story', ... 12-04-2014 17:45 - PTI.
  • Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992) - Overview - MSN Movies... the work of Jackie Chan bears special attention. ... In this film, third in the Police Story series, ... Full Synopsis. Critics' Reviews. View full reviews.
  • Western movies - By decade - MSN MoviesThe true story of the formation of the Texas Rangers provides the backdrop ... Jan 12, 2007. NR. ... Jackie Chan has often played a fish out of water, ...
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