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  • MSN Entertainment's 2013 Year In ReviewFind out who made Bing's 2013 most-searched lists from around the world
  • 2013 Academy Awards on MSN MoviesI am an American, and I can understand completely the apprehension those brave and creative men and women from Canada have about the film not portraying the subject ...
  • Albert Finney - News - MSN MoviesQuirky Broadway musical 'Big Fish' to get the hook, closing in December after poor sales
  • Joan Fontaine - Photos - MSN MoviesActress Joan Fontaine, best known for her roles in the Hitchcock films "Suspicion" and "Rebecca," died at age 86 on Dec. 15, 2013. Bing: Joan Fontaine-Olivia de ...
  • Jim Carrey - Photos - MSN MoviesJim Carrey photos: view Jim Carrey in focus photos, movie still photos and red carpet photos
  • 2013 Academy Awards on MSN MoviesIn memoriam: We remember the stars who left us last year. By Sheri Quirt MSN Movies. Actor, song-and-dance man and decorated war hero Charles Durning died Dec. 24 ...
  • Peter O'Toole - Photos - MSN MoviesSee the full 2013 In Memoriam gallery This photo also appears in: Whose Voice Is That? Unexpected Celebrity Voices in Animated Movies'toole/?gallery=27864&photo=78e081ff-c385-40e9-a362-9ad64db3a15b
  • Second man accused of stealing Walker wreckage booked ...LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A second man charged with stealing a piece of the car in which "Fast & Furious" actor Paul Walker died has surrendered. Authorities say 25-year ...
  • MSN Entertainment's 2013 Year In ReviewKind of a bust. Too many movies today would feel more natural if they were filmed with the sensibilities of the time in which they were written.
  • MSN Entertainment's 2013 Year In ReviewLoved the movie but the ending had no imagination. Flashed back to the Wrath Of Kahn. Too bad they could not have imagined a better ending crises.
Results for: celebrities who have died in dec 2013
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