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Pass the gravy
Pass the gravy

11 classic films to watch this Thanksgiving

By Glenn Kenny
Special to MSN Movies

The phrase "holiday movie" has multiple meanings, but when it's applied to an actual genre, it usually means Christmas. Or, in the case of the horror movie, Halloween. But what of that wondrous tryptophan-infused holiday that falls between Christmas and Halloween, Thanksgiving? Here are a bunch of films that we think are worth breaking out before the post-meal nap.

"Pieces of April"

Movies that take place during this holiday are, not surprisingly, family-oriented. And because it's the thing in our therapy-steeped age, and it also makes for involving drama, they're very dysfunctional-family-oriented. Peter Hedges' 2003 comedy-drama doesn't miss a trick on the dysfunction nor the potential heartstring-pulling life scenarios as it presents quasi-punked-out April (Katie Holmes, in one of her better performances) living on the Lower East Side and kind of inexplicably offering to make Thanksgiving dinner for her affluent suburban folks even though, as the movie opens, she's not even certain that her apartment has a functional oven. (Non-spoiler alert: It does not.) While not exactly unpredictable, it is a snappy, well-written, solidly acted ensemble piece that does get to those heartstrings in the end.

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