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Mixing video games and movies has been a tough sell, but will 'Wreck-It Ralph' get a high score?

By James Rocchi
Special to MSN Movies

Ever since the early days of "Pong" and "Pac-Man," Hollywood has looked to video games to see if the medium could be used for the inspiration for films -- or, more crassly, milked for profits based on an avid audience. "Wreck-It Ralph," the new Disney animated film, is set in part in a world of video games, where characters "work" all day and punch out when the arcade closes to socialize and think about their lives with rules and laws that spring out of a video-game world made out of pixels and electrons, dropped quarters and finite "lives." But while "Wreck-It Ralph" is the latest film to look at video games and mash them up with moviemaking and cinematic storytelling, it's hardly the last or the first. Here, we look at other movies that tried to combine those very different art forms and either failed or succeeded.

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