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Rebels with a catchphrase

10 movies for anyone who's had the urge to scream, 'Wolverines!'

By Jeff Michael Vice
Special to MSN Movies


So, who knew that a motley crew of high school students, a bunch of rebels with a cause, would coin that memorable catchphrase -- catchword? -- and make it theirs? And say what you will, this group has as at least as much claim to the Wolverine name as the Marvel Comics anti-hero character, who didn't come to the big screen until 1999.

In case you don't remember, the "Wolverines!" rallying cry was one of the more memorable bits from "Red Dawn," an action-thriller from 1984 that's gained cult status over the years. In fact, it's been so fondly remembered that remake efforts have been in development for years. MGM spearheaded the most successful of these, at least until the studio went bankrupt. Fortunately, other studios, including FilmDistrict, helped finish the in-the-works production and released the finished product.

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The 21st-century version of "Red Dawn" (in theaters Nov. 21) has some necessary changes in the story, in particular, to the main threat. No longer is America being invaded by forces from the Communist-dominated Soviet Union (which originally inspired the "Red" part of the title). Now it's North Korea that's attempting a hostile takeover, though the Russian military is giving these nefarious forces some help.

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