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Movie Aliens 101

A training manual for eliminating the alien threat

By Frank Paiva
Special to MSN Movies

Hello, cadet. Thank you for answering the call and choosing a career in alien containment. We know you could be doing something more glamorous, like walking in Paris Fashion Week or touring with a klezmer band. We know you could be doing something that pays better, like running a Fortune 500 company or teaching at a public high school. But in this economy it's either us or McDonald's, and the good folks at Mickey D's need only so many people to make hamburgers.

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A career with Men in Black is a rewarding choice. You'll be serving the public and protecting the universe. You'll also get to wear a suit all the time. People will assume that you're a lawyer or a powerful executive. Let them think whatever they want. No, seriously. This is a secret organization. You need some sort of cover.

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