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Awesome Superman moments

Magical moments from the superhero franchise

By Bryan Reesman
Special to MSN Movies

We just can't seem to get enough of Superman. Arguably the most popular superhero of all time, he has multiple comic book titles being published at any given moment and has been seen on TV or in cinemas, either live-action or animated, every year since 1973. Not to mention other appearances going back another 25 years.

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Where Superman has truly thrived is on the silver screen, where the epic scope and high-tech effects have given him life like no other. The Zack Snyder-directed "Man of Steel" seeks to reboot the franchise, which encompassed four films with Christopher Reeve, the bizarre "Supergirl" spin-off with Helen Slater and 2006's excellent but underappreciated "Superman Returns."

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What makes Superman so magnetic and captivating after all these decades? Perhaps it's the fact that beyond the colorful red, yellow and blue costume; beyond his romantic relationship with reporter Lois Lane; beyond grappling with his alter ego, Clark Kent, he has a bit of everyman beneath the superman. He owns a strong moral code, upholds the law and seeks to keep us safe. But he also experiences very human emotions that we can all relate to.

With "Man of Steel" soaring into theaters this week, MSN looks back at classic, magic moments in the "Superman" franchise.

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