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50 Greatest Science-Fiction Movies of All Time

From 'Aliens' to 'Total Recall,' we rank the films that elevated sci-fi as an artform

By Glenn Kenny
Special to MSN Movies

The science-fiction genre has been around almost as long as movies themselves have. And the relics from its beginnings are pretty goofy-looking to some eyes: Witness French film magician Georges Melies' 1902 "A Trip to the Moon," in which a clunky rocket manned by a group of bearded and great-coated scientists lands smack into an anthropomorphized lunar eye.

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But sci-fi films kind of grew up shortly after that, or at least some of them did. More than perhaps any other genre, sci-fi movies range pretty wildly from the ridiculous to the sublime. What follows are what we consider to be 50 of the best, some of them veering to the lovably cheesy, others going for the thoroughly profound: the cosmic, if you will. We couldn't list all of the best -- we are limited to 50, after all -- but we like to think this represents the very top of a pretty substantial heap.

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