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10 Awesome Moments from the 'Alien' Movies

A look back at the monsters that make the franchise so scary-good

By Bryan Reesman
Special to MSN Movies

Judging from all of the footage we've seen, Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" promises to be one of the sci-fi events of the year. Interestingly enough, the one thing this "Alien" prequel is not going to have, according to admissions by the director himself, is the Xenomorphic species themselves. (In geek speak: the nasty monsters that have made the franchise so scary-good.) It's hard not to think of those extraterrestrial terrors when invoking the "Alien" universe, so in honor of the acid-blooded killing machines that we have grown to love and fear, here are 10 awesome "Alien" moments from the original quadrilogy.

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