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Old Action Heroes Don't Die: They Don't Even Retire
Aug 19, 2012 3:10AM

Toy-man, this is a ridiculous comment on a couple of levels...#1, I saw Stallone's work out routine on You Tube and he can certainly run more than 50 yards! #2, I'm reminded of an idiotic young MTV "journalist" who had the audacity to ask Pink Floyd's David Gilmour: "Isn't it about time that you guys make room for the younger bands?" I loved Gilmour's response: "It's not up to us to make room for them...They have to make their own room. Nobody gave us anything. We had to take it!" Today's young artists are not succeding in capturing the public's imagination the way previous generations have.  Not sure why.  Is it a lack of talent, a bad attitude? Both?  It is intersting...


Aug 19, 2012 1:17AM
I'd take these "old timers" as some may call them over those stupid, no-talent youngsters nowadays that couldn't act their way out a wet paper bag! I mean, how many more Fast and Furious or those stupid vampire movies do we have to endure?
Aug 14, 2012 9:26PM
I think these guys have the experience to make action movies the way they are supposed to be full of action not CGI backdrop green screen crap real stunts real stuntmen....Lights Camera...Action means Action...!!!!
Aug 19, 2012 12:54AM
what does age have to do wiyh it? I grew up watching these guys, I still have my Rocky 3 soundtrack on vinyl, I bought back in the 80's. Van Dam, that guy was like my sunday matinee guy. they always showed "Cyborg", "Kickboxer" and "Blood sport every sunday at noon. I miss those days, oh yea i cant forget about "Lion Heart" And "comando" and " Predator". Keep doing what you doing, I cant wait for the next rambo.
Aug 15, 2012 11:18AM

What?  Not one "Bond, James Bond" actor in this listing?  I think Sean Connery is the overall sexiest of ALL of the actors who have ever had that role.  I don't mean just looks, on that one rating Pierce Brosnan rules the lineup.  But as a MAN Sean Connery might be enough to make me interested . . . .

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Old action heroes don't die: They don't even retire

From Liam Neeson to Harrison Ford, these are some of the over-50 actors in the spotlight

By Sean Axmaker

"I'm too old for this s---." You know the line. Danny Glover says it in "Lethal Weapon." And again in "Lethal Weapon 2." And in "3" and "4" as well. Clearly, he's not taking his own advice. Neither are a whole lot of other actors who refuse to act their age and go gently into the good night of dignified dramas and guest spots in dumb comedies.

It's not anything new, mind you. John Wayne strolled into shootouts and muscled through high-speed chases well into his 60s, apparently driven by nothing but true grit, and Clark Gable and James Stewart and Randolph Scott played hard-riding heroes in Westerns through their 50s and 60s.

But while they could ride a horse at full gallop, trade punches like a street brawler, and leap from a hail of gunfire with the spring of a jackrabbit, they never had to jump from an exploding building or hang from a moving helicopter or take on an entire army single-handedly.

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