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Yellow Sky
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NR,1hr 38min
January 1, 1948
20th Century Fox
Synopsis: William Wellman's westerns always seemed a little claustrophobic, but in Yellow Sky the director's technique works to the film's advantage. Outlaw leader Gregory Peck takes refuge in a frontier ghost town. The only inhabitants are elderly James Barton and his pretty granddaughter Anne Baxter. Barton reveals that there's gold hereabouts, prompting a few of Peck's companions--especially Richard Widmark--to plot the old man's demise and claim the treasure for themselves. For his part, Peck is basically ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
As Yellow Sky amply demonstrates, a film doesn't have to be either revolutionary or overly complex to be a great picture. When you look at the story elements of Sky, it's easy to think "That's all been done before." And it has -- not only because bits and pieces are taken from other Westerns but because the central "gold lust" theme has been seen in such other films as Greed and Treasure of the Sierra ... Read Review
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