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War of the Monsters



War of the Monsters
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1hr 41min
Alpha Video
Synopsis: When Tokyo is threatened by a 130 foot tall flying lizard with laser breath, Gamera turns from destroyer of worlds to protector of humanity in this sequel from director Shigeo Tanaka. Shortly after Gamera is launched into space, a meteor strikes the rocket carrying the rampaging terrapin, freeing him to return to Earth. And just in time, too, because an enormous reptilian named Barugan is wrecking havoc on Tokyo, his deadly energy field destroying buildings, and sending frightened citizens running ... Full Synopsis
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When the casual monster movie enthusiast thinks about the Gamera series, light kiddie-matinee fare is generally what comes to mind. However, War Of The Monsters (known in its native Japan as Gamera Vs. Barugon) is an exception to that rule. The plot stands in stark contrast to the usual Gamera story in many ways: it has a dark, adult tone, focuses more on the humans than the monsters and soft-pedals ... Read Review
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War of the Monsters
Gamera vs. Barugon
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