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War and Peace



War and Peace
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8hrs 27min
Synopsis: Russian director Sergei Bondarchuk's epic version of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace (Voyna i Mir) was the most expensive European film ever made for many years. It certainly had one of the longest gestation periods, with Bondarchuk spending seven years filming the project (the actors noticeably age from scene to scene). In relating Tolstoy's complex tale of Napoleon's invasion of Russia, Bondarchuk helmed some of the most graphic battle scenes ever seen, one of which runs nearly 45 minutes. So many ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Natasha Rostova
Pierre Bezukhov
Andrei Bolkonsky
Count Ilya Rostov
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War and Peace [3 Discs]
War and Peace [5 Discs]
War and Peace [3 Discs]
War & Peace [3 Discs]
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