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Walking Tall: The Final Chapter



Walking Tall: The Final Chapter
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R,1hr 52min
Rhino Home Video
Synopsis: Rated R for violence, this is another of the promises broken to us by the movie industry. When they promise that we won't have to see something again, why can't they make it happen? Although this, like the Jason movies (Friday the 13th ad nauseam), is followed by a made for TV movie and a series, they really have to be prequels to this "final chapter," as dictated by the fiery conclusion of the movie. The story of a sheriff who just isn't going to take it anymore, it is based on a true story but, ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Walking Tall: Final Chapter is one of the more unusual sequels you'll ever see. By this point in the Buford Pusser saga, the only real-life events left for the filmmakers to dramatize were his downfall and tragic demise. As a result, Howard B. Kreitsek's script has an episodic feel as it attempts to fashion these last threads into a satisfying narrative. The end result is more compelling that one might ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Buford Pusser
Grandpa Pusser
Grandma Pusser
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Walking Tall: The Final Chapter
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