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Visible Secret



Visible Secret
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NR,1hr 41min
January 1, 2003
Tai Seng
Synopsis: A young girl witnesses a horrific street accident. A man (Anthony Wong in a pivotal cameo) is hit by a trolley and decapitated. Fifteen years later, June (Shu Qi) is all grown up, and doesn't even remember the accident. One night at a club, Peter (Eason Chan), an unhappy young man, sees June dancing, wearing an eye patch, and approaches her. She quickly uses him to get away from another man, and drags him to a karaoke bar. Just as abruptly, they leave the karaoke bar, and she has him take her to ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Few films mix genres with as little regard for consistency of tone as Ann Hui's entertainingly offbeat Visible Secret. From the opening sequence, which features a headless corpse staggering clumsily through a downtown street, the film is an odd mix of the creepy, the comic, and the romantic. Strong performances and well-composed visuals (cinematographer Arthur Wong (Once Upon a Time in China) won a ... Read Review
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Visible Secret
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