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Vase de Noces



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1hr 21min
Synopsis: Some would say the theme of this Belgian film is bestiality, but the movie is so cunningly made that what would normally be highly repugnant is at least bearable to watch. In the story, a man (Dominique Garny) who may be the last man on earth, loves and makes love to a huge sow-pig. When the sow gives birth, he takes the piglets from her to keep her from eating them, and knits cute little infant things for them. When the piglets abandon him for their mother, he executes them by hanging, and the sow ... Full Synopsis
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Thierry Zeno's notorious, thoroughly demented head-trip about a half-psychotic farmer (Dominique Garny) who impregnates a giant sow (and kills the offspring) impacts the viewer in a most disquieting manner. Zeno apparently shot the film with a Bolex, without any sync sound (organ music provides the only aural accompaniment). Consequently, the spectator feels alienated throughout the film - both because ... Read Review
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