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Upper World



Upper World
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1hr 13min
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Synopsis: Written by the prolific Ben Hecht, Upper World is a clash-of-class melodrama set in New York City. Railroad tycoon Alexander Stream (Warren William) is neglected by his social-climbing wife Mary Astor. Quite unintentionally, through a chance encounter, he strikes up a reasonably chaste friendship with good-hearted showgirl Lilly Linder (Ginger Rogers). Lilly's ex-boyfriend Lou Colima (J. Carroll Naish) sees an opportunity to blackmail Stream; Lilly tries to block him from doing so, and is murdered ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Poor Ben Hecht! The Production Code completely ruined the former newspaperman's original story about a railroad magnate with women troubles by demanding that Warren William's "affair" with showgirl Ginger Rogers remain platonic, a development that makes for less than satisfying drama and is not a little ludicrous. Happily, the cast, including William, Rogers, Mary Astor and a wonderfully funny Andy ... Read Review
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Alexander Stream
Mrs. Hettie Stream
Lilly Linder
Oscar the Chauffeur
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Upper World
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