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Uncertain Glory



Uncertain Glory
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NR,1hr 42min
April 7, 1944
Warner Bros. Pictures
Synopsis: Uncertain Glory finds Errol Flynn atypically cast as French criminal Jean Picard, a craven coward whose many misdeeds have earned him a date with the guillotine. Detective Marcel Bonet (Paul Lukas) intends to see that Picard keeps his appointment with the executioner, despite the fact that there's a war on. When the Nazis capture 100 French hostages to force a resistance saboteur to surrender himself, Picard offers to pose as the saboteur and thereby save the lives of the innocent villagers. In truth, ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Director Raoul Walsh reportedly dismissed Uncertain Glory as a "quickie." Walsh may have thought so but he certainly doesn't seem to have treated the material lightly. Yes, Errol Flynn's transformation from callous thief and murderer to nobly giving his life for France may seem superficial, as many modern reviewers have suggested, but Uncertain Glory should be considered for what it was: wartime propaganda. ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Jean Picard
Marcel Bonet
Mme. Maret
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