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Ultraman Tiga



Ultraman Tiga
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Funimation Productions
Synopsis: One of the few live-action offerings on the Fox Network's "Fox Box" Saturday-morning lineup, Ultraman Tiga was the latest incarnation of the famed Japanese action series Ultraman, created by Godzilla mentor Eiji Tsuburaya. The title character, an enormous "Superbeing," joined forces with the seven-person Global Unlimited Task Squad (aka G.U.T.S.) to maintain the balance of peace on earth and in the universe. The 52-episode series debuted on Japanese television as Urutoraman Teiga on September 6, ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Daigo Madoka
Capt. Megumi Iruma
Vice-Captain Seiichi Munakata
Masami Horii
DVD Detailed Information
Ultraman Tiga, Vol. 1: Prophecy of Evil [2 Discs]
Ultraman Tiga: Fugitive from Beyond
Ultraman Tiga: Guts Headquarters Under Attack
Ultraman Tiga, Vol. 4: Inheritance of Darkness
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