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Too Hot to Handle



Too Hot to Handle
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NR,1hr 45min
January 1, 1938
Synopsis: Alternating effortlessly between comedy and suspense and back again, Too Hot to Handle stars Myrna Loy as a famous aviatrix and Clark Gable as an opportunistic newsreel photographer. Gable and rival shutterbug Walter Pidgeon agree to accompany Loy on her search for her missing brother, sensing a good story and excellent photo op. Their odyssey takes them into the deepest jungles of the Amazon, where Gable's photographic prowess saves everyone's lives when hostile natives attack. Along the way, both ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
One of the most entertaining films of Clark Gable's career, and in its patchwork of styles and genres, it's also one of his strangest. Based on the careers of writers Len Hammond and Laurence Stallings with Movietone news, it begins as a witty satire of the newsreel business before turning into an adventure-romance-comedy that includes the memorable sight of Gable escaping from a village in the jungles ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Chris Hunter
Alma Harding
Bill Dennis
Gabby MacArthur
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Too Hot to Handle
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