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They Met in Bombay



They Met in Bombay
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1hr 33min
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Synopsis: They Met in Bombay is a typical MGM star vehicle, in which the leading players are called upon to carry a pencil-thin plotline on the force of sheer personality. Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell play Gerald Meldrick and Anya Von Duren, a pair of rival jewel thieves at large in India. Both parties are after the same prize, a priceless diamond owned by the Duchess of Beltravers (Jessie Ralph). To inveigle their way into the Duchess' confidence, Gerald poses as a Scotland Yard detective, while Anya ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
They Met in Bombay is not one of the better "rival thieves" films, but it does have the unique pairing of Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell going for it. The stars do indeed shine; the script, at best, merely twinkles. The biggest problem is that Bombaydoesn't really know what kind of a film it wants to be. A romance? A comedy? A thriller? An espionage flick? A piece of wartime propaganda? By trying ... Read Review
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Gerald Meldrick
Anya Von Duren
Capt. Chang
The General
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They Met in Bombay
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