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They Made Me a Criminal



They Made Me a Criminal
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NR,1hr 32min
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Synopsis: They Made Me a Criminal opens in New York, depicting the latest victory in the ring for Johnny Bradfield (John Garfield), a young boxer who seems headed for a championship. When a reporter finds Bradfield drunk and carousing with women, and learns that the squeaky-clean image that he has cultivated is a complete lie, he threatens to blow the lid off the boxer's real life, and is beaten to death by Bradfield's manager. Bradfield, who was in a drunken stupor during the fight, is framed for the killing ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
They Made Me a Criminal is an unusual movie, as well as an unusually good movie, on numerous counts. For starters, it is, along with John Huston's version of The Maltese Falcon, one of a handful of Hollywood remakes that are better than the original movies that they followed. Mostly, this comes from John Garfield's excellent performance as Johnny Bradfield/Jack Dorney, the vain, self-centered opportunist ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Johnny Bradfield/"Jack Dorney"
Detective Monty Phelan
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They Made Me a Criminal
They Made Me a Criminal
They Made Me a Criminal
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