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The Witch Who Came From the Sea



The Witch Who Came From the Sea
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R,1hr 23min
February 1, 1976
Subversive Cinema
Synopsis: Two interesting figures in offbeat cinema -- director Matt Cimber (who was married to Jayne Mansfield and directed her final film before going on to a handful of expressive blaxploitation efforts) and screenwriter Robert Thom (who wrote Wild in the Streets and Bloody Mama) -- teamed up for this unusual portrait of one woman's descent into madness. Molly (Millie Perkins) is a woman who is haunted by vivid memories of abuse and molestation at the hands of her father, who was a ship's captain; now middle-aged, ... Full Synopsis
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The Witch Who Came From the Sea
The Witch Who Came From the Sea
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