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The Toast of New York



The Toast of New York
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NR,1hr 49min
January 1, 1937
Synopsis: Allegedly based on two factual works, Bouck White's The Book of Daniel Drew and Matthew Josephson's The Robber Barons, RKO's The Toast of New York is a largely fanciful account of the career of 1870s financier "Jubilee Jim" Fisk. As played by Edward Arnold in his usual "tycoon" mode, Fisk was a likable scoundrel who finagled his way into the upper rungs of Wall Street as much for fun as for profit. The film conveniently ignores Fisk's involvement with the infamous Tweed Ring, and skims over his complicity ... Full Synopsis
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The factual accuracy of The Toast of New York could just about fill a thimble, which puts it on a par with so many Hollywood biopics. For those unbothered by the blatant distortions and outright lies, however, Toast is a pretty darn entertaining little rise-and-fall story -- or, more to the point, rise-and-death story. It's all nonsense, of course; the story that Dudley Nichols, Joel Sayre, Derek N. ... Read Review
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Jim Fisk
Nick Boyd
Josie Mansfield
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The Toast of New York
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