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The Stolen Hours



The Stolen Hours
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1hr 40min
Willette Acquisition Corp.
Synopsis: Stolen Hours is the overlong, overglamorized 1963 remake of the 1939 Bette Davis vehicle Dark Victory. Susan Hayward plays a rich, neurotic socialite who discovers that she only has a year to live. Acting resentfully at first--especially towards handsome doctor Michael Craig, who withheld this information from her "for her own good"--Hayward eventually adopts a philosophical attitude towards her fate. By the time she begins slipping into "that undiscovered uncountry," Hayward is practically a candidate ... Full Synopsis
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The Stolen Hours is a perfectly respectable tearjerker, and those who have not experienced the far superior Dark Victory are likely to find it quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, for those familiar with Victory, the shadow of the earlier film haunts every frame of the remake, getting in the way of enjoying the film on its own terms. This extends even to the very fine acting of star Susan Hayward. She gives ... Read Review
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Laura Pember
Dr. John Carmody
Ellen Pember
Mike Bannerman
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Stolen Hours
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