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The Soong Sisters



The Soong Sisters
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2hrs 24min
Mei Ah Laser Disc Co., Ltd.
Synopsis: "Once upon a time in distant China, there were three sisters. One loved money, one loved power, and one loved her country." So opens this historical, melodramatic chronicle of the influential lives of three daughters from one of pre-Communist China's wealthiest families. Two of the Soong sisters married important figures in 20th-century Chinese history. Soong Ching-ling married Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Chinese Republic while her sister May-ling married Sun's successor, the famed Chian Kai-shek. ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
One should not mistake The Soong Sisters for a documentary -- neither is it historically accurate, nor will it make much sense to viewers who aren't already familiar with the period in China's history in which this film is set. Even audiences who do know their stuff when it comes to the revolution of 1911 and its consequences may need a scorecard in order to follow the shifts of alliance, as the events ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Soong Ai-Ling
Soong Ching-Ling
Soong May-Ling
Sun Yat-Sen
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The Soong Sisters [WS]
The Soong Sisters [WS]
The Soong Sisters [Director's Cut]
The Soong Sisters
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