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The Sinister Urge



The Sinister Urge
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1hr 22min
Synopsis: A series of pornography-related murders has Lt. Carson (Kenne Duncan) frustrated, not only because the killer remains at large but also because the smut peddlers are distributing their disgusting products to high school kids at ice cream shops. They raid illicit photography studios, but it's not enough; Gloria Henderson (Jean Fontaine) runs the racket from a comfortable distance, and she's funded by "the syndicate." With a steady stream of naive hopefuls arriving in Hollywood with stars in their ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Edward D. Wood Jr.'s films from the 1950s are certainly cracked, yet even when covering sex change operations and transvestism his work retains a sincere, if addled, charm. Brain-damaged horror features like Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space are suitable for children, Jail Bait tries and fails to be hard-boiled, and his anti-masterpiece Glen or Glenda? is ultimately a personal plea for ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Sgt. Randy Stone
Lt. Matt Carson
Gloria Henderson
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