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The Scarlet Letter



The Scarlet Letter
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R,2hrs 15min
Walt Disney Video
Synopsis: Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic novel of hypocrisy among America's pilgrims was brought to the screen by director Roland Joffe in this 1995 feature. Demi Moore stars as Hester Prynne, a new arrival to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1666. Prynne, who interacts freely with slaves and Quakers and wears revealing garb, is something of a free thinker and off-putting to the uptight locals. She awaits the arrival of her husband, Roger (Robert Duvall), but he is reported killed. One person who does not find ... Full Synopsis
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Hester Prynne
Arthur Dimmesdale
Roger Chillingworth
Horace Stonehall
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The Scarlet Letter
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