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The Revenge of Dr. X



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1hr 30min
Synopsis: Dr. Bragan (James Craig) is a workaholic rocket scientist with NASA who is coming unglued from the stress. A colleague arranges for him to take a much needed holiday in Japan, and Bragan accepts, hoping to use this free time to pursue his first love, botany. He brings a potted Venus Flytrap with him, with plans to study carnivorous flora and prove his theory that human beings are descended from plants. His Japanese assistant, Noroko, arranges for them to work in seclusion at her father's abandoned ... Full Synopsis
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The recent interest in Edward D. Wood, Jr.'s life and career has unearthed and made popular many bizarre pictures that the reputed "worst filmmaker of all time" had any kind of hand in. Revenge of Dr. X has so far escaped the attention of most cultists, thanks to a curious quirk in its original videotape release; the opening credits are inaccurate, taken instead from an entirely different film called ... Read Review
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