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The Order



The Order
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R,1hr 42min
September 5, 2003
20th Century Fox
Synopsis: Oscar-winning screenwriter Brian Helgeland writes and directs the religious thriller The Order. Heath Ledger portrays a priest from a secret religious order called The Carolingians. He's sent to Rome to investigate the mysterious death of the head of the Carolingians, whose body was found with strange marks on its chest. While in Rome, he asks for help from an old friend (Mark Addy) and an elusive artist Shannyn Sossamon to help solve the murder. The priest ends up at the Vatican, where he learns ... Full Synopsis
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Featured Cast
Father Alex Bernier
Mara Sinclair
The Sin Eater
Father Thomas Garrett
"The Order"
"The Order"
"The Order"
"The Order"
"The Order"
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The Order
The Order
The Order [Blu-ray]
The Order [French]
The Order [Blu-ray]
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