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The Nuisance



The Nuisance
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NR,1hr 23min
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Synopsis: J. Phineas Stevens (Lee Tracy) is a personal injury lawyer whose practice has become a nightmare to any number of defendants, most notably the local streetcar company that handles transportation for his city. Between his steel-trap brain and machine-gun style delivery in court, and the machinations of his friend and expert witness Dr. Prescott (Frank Morgan), they've cost the company tens of thousands of dollars, with no end in sight. The corporation's lead counsel, Calhoun (John Miljan), decides ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
For the first half of The Nuisance, Lee Tracy's whirlwind performance as J. Phineas Stevens, a fierce, grasping personal injury lawyer, drives the movie along like a tornado sweeping across the screen -- his central character is an amoral, greedy, at times cruel (and unknowingly so) force of corruption that one still can't help but admire for his audacity and charisma. And Jack Conway's smooth direction ... Read Review
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Joe Phineas Stevens
Dorothy Mason
Dr. Prescott
Floppy Phil
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The Nuisance
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