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The Naked Cage



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R,1hr 37min
Synopsis: The Naked Cage offers a glimpse of the stark realities of prison life while at the same time acknowledging the issue of prison corruption. Young and naïve Michelle (Shari Shattuck) has just been thrown in the slammer for a bank heist she definitely did not commit. The inmates warn her about the warden (Angel Tompkins), whose lesbian lifestyle is forced on inmates of her choosing. No one has to warn Michelle about the guard who rapes and kills the inmates, or about the woman who framed her and is ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
This late arrival in the "women in prison" genre couldn't exactly be called tasteful or subtle; The Naked Cage revels in gratuitous nudity, cheap sex, brutal violence, and any other sleazy element the filmmakers could dream up. That said, the movie knows it is grindhouse fare and pursues its trashy ambitions with a go-for-broke vigor that is likely to win over the B-movie fanbase. Paul Nicolas balances ... Read Review
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