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The Mystery of Rampo



The Mystery of Rampo
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R,1hr 36min
Synopsis: Edogawa Rampo -- a pen name that is also a homonym in Japanese for Edgar Allen Poe -- amassed a major cult following after writing a series of short stories that masterly meld the erotic and the grotesque. Unlike previous films about of his work -- such as Noboru Tanaka's masterful Stroller in the Attic -- this piece is not so much an adaptation of his work than a dreamlike vision of his inner workings. Set during the 1930s, Rampo (Naoto Takenaka), after learning that his piece Osei Tojo was censored ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Kogoro Akechi
Edogawa Rampo
Masashi Yokomizo
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The Mystery of Rampo
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