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The Missing Lynx



The Missing Lynx
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PG,1hr 15min
October 30, 2009
Phase 4 Films
Synopsis: As co-helmed by Manuel Sicilia and Raul Garcia, this CG-animated, Spanish-language children's adventure (translated as The Missing Lynx: Paws on the Run for its release in English-speaking countries) originated via the production efforts of Antonio Banderas, though his is not one of the voices on display. The premise concerns a millionaire who becomes obsessed with the idea of constructing a new Noah's Ark - and hires a hunter to kidnap untoward numbers of animals to make this happen. The film follows ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Felix the Lynx
Beeea the Goat
Gus, the Chameleon
Diógenes, the Vulture
DVD Detailed Information
The Missing Lynx [Blu-ray]
The Missing Lynx
The Missing Lynx [Blu-ray/DVD] [Includes Digital Copy]
The Missing Lynx [Blu-ray]
The Missing Lynx (SOS Refuge) [Bilingual] [Blu-ray]
Missing Lynx (SOS Refuge)
El Lince Perdido
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