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The Mighty McGurk



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1hr 25min
Synopsis: It's The Champ all over again, with Wallace Beery as a down-and-out prizefighter and Dean Stockwell as the small boy whom he adopts. Mighty McGurk also borrows from Beery's earlier The Bowery (33) by placing its story in that New York neighborhood in 1900. The final echo from Wally Beery's movie past is Aline McMahon, who costarred with Beery in Ah, Wilderness (35). The plot of Mighty McGurk involves Beery's rescuing of the orphaned Stockwell, an English lad, from the clutches of his evil guardian ... Full Synopsis
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Wallace Beery was an unusual candidate for stardom, and it's perhaps because of his "difference" that he ended up in tired vehicles such as The Mighty McGurk. As has often been observed, McGurk is a blatant attempt to recapture the glory days of Beery's The Champ. The latter named film is every bit as much a tearjerker as McGurk; the difference is that there's genuine emotion to be found among the ... Read Review
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Mike Glenson
Roy "Slag" McGurk
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