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The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing



The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
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PG,1hr 54min
Synopsis: This romantic western drama, based on the best-selling novel by Marilyn Durham, stars Burt Reynolds as Jay Grobart, an outlaw married to an Indian woman named Cat Dancing. When Cat is raped and murdered, a distraught Grobart kills the man responsible for the crime; he soon pulls a robbery with the help of his friends Dawes (Jack Warden) and Billy (Bo Hopkins), and is now on the run from the law. While in transit, Grobart and his partners run across Catherine (Sarah Miles), a woman running away from ... Full Synopsis
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This offbeat stab at the postmodern western genre never quite hits the mythic/romantic heights it seeks. Eleanor Perry's script was extensively rewritten prior to the film's shoot and, as a result, it suffers from erratic shifts of pace and mood. That said, it does boast strong characterizations and dialogue. Richard C. Sarafian's direction lacks the personal touch the movie needs but his craftsmanship ... Read Review
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Jay Grobart
Catherine Crocker
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The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
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