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The Lost Missile



The Lost Missile
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1hr 10min
Cheezy Flicks
Synopsis: The final film of director William Berke (his son, Lester William Burke, took over shooting following his father's death during filming) , The Lost Missile is a very cleverly constructed low-budget sci-fi thriller with some fascinating twists. A rogue missile, apparently from outside our solar system, ends up plunging into the Earth's atmosphere -- driven by atomic power, it cruises at an altitude of five miles and a speed of 4,000 miles per hour, generating a temperature of one million degrees in ... Full Synopsis
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What makes The Lost Missile special and unusual is that it takes place in real time -- with 70 minutes' running time, and 63 minutes until the missile is due to destroy New York, there is a genuine sense of tension throughout as the minutes click past; and there are virtually no time-compression cuts in its structure. The script isn't perfect -- a subplot involving the birth of the baby of one scientist ... Read Review
Featured Cast
David Loring
Joan Woods
Gen. Barr
Joe Freed
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The Lost Missile
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