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The Last Don



The Last Don
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R,3hrs 37min
Lions Gate
Synopsis: This crime drama, based on the best-selling novel by Mario Puzo, follows 20 years in the long reign of powerful Mafia kingpin Don Domenico Clericuzio (Danny Aiello). For years, the Clericuzios have been warring with a rival crime family, the Santadios, which is not helped when Domenico's daughter Rose Marie (Kirstie Alley) decides to marry the son of the head of the Santadio clan. On the night of Rose Marie's wedding, Domenico orders the execution of the entire Santadio family, including his new ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Don Domenico Clericuzio
Pippi De Lena
Athena Aquitane
Croccifixio "Cross" De Lena
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Mario Puzo's The Last Don
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