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The Last Child



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1hr 13min
Synopsis: Back before he was producing Charlie's Angels, Aaron Spelling was a major supplier of made-for-television feature films, particularly to ABC, on which this movie premiered in 1971. The Last Child takes place in America in 1994, a time in which a massive, chronic overpopulation crisis has resulted in the passage of Draconian laws, declaring that no couple can have more than one child, and that nobody over the age of 65 can receive any but the most superficial medical treatment. Michael Cole and Janet ... Full Synopsis
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One of the more provocative made-for-television movies (originally shown on ABC's "Movie of the Week") of its era, The Last Child is a chase thriller with a cautionary message about birth control thrown in: Use it now on a thoughtful, voluntary basis or it may be mandatory in the future. Although somewhat far-fetched as a story in a country as conservative on this subject as the United States is, the ... Read Review
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Shelley Drumm
Alan Miller
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