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The Land Unknown



The Land Unknown
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NR,1hr 18min
Universal Pictures
Synopsis: Generous portions of The Secret Land, the 1948 documentary on the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, were worked into the action of The Land Unknown. Jock Mahoney and William Reynolds play Hal and Jack, leaders of an expedition to the South Pole. Along for the ride is girl reporter Maggie (Shawn Smith), over whose affections Hal and Jack constantly battle. Making a forced landing in the Antarctic, our intrepid explorers find that they've descended well below sea level. Before long, they are attacked by prehistoric ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Make no mistake about it, The Land Unknown is one bad film. But those who are fans of 1950's sci-fi, especially the subgenre known as "lost world" films, will still get a kick out of it, as will all aficionados of bad movies. Not every single thing in Land is bad; some of the optical effects are actually pretty good for the period, and the use of actual footage from an early South Pole documentary ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Cmdr. Harold Roberts
Margareth Hathaway
Lt. Jack Carmen
Dr. Carl Hunter
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The Land Unknown
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