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The Hitcher



The Hitcher
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R,1hr 38min
January 1, 1986
Home Box Office (HBO)
Synopsis: Pretty boy actor C. Thomas Howell stars in this dark, violent suspense film about the strange psychological bond between a traveling serial killer and one of his intended victims. Driving cross-country from Chicago to San Diego, Jim (Howell) narrowly avoids an accident when he falls asleep at the wheel. He picks up a hitchhiker to help stay awake, but within five minutes, the erratic John Ryder (Rutger Hauer) has threatened not only Jim's life, but also his manhood, brandishing a switchblade to the ... Full Synopsis
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Featured Cast
John Ryder
Jim Halsey
Capt. Esteridge
Sean Bean in "The Hitcher"
Sean Bean, Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton in "The Hitcher"
Zachary Knighton and Sophia Bush in "The Hitcher"
Sophia Bush in "The Hitcher"
Sophia Bush in "The Hitcher"
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The Hitcher
The Hitcher
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