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The Great Impostor



The Great Impostor
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NR,1hr 52min
January 1, 1961
Synopsis: The Great Impostor is the true story of chameleonlike Canadian Ferdinand Waldo DeMara Jr., well-played by Tony Curtis. Unable to decide what he wants to do with his life, DeMara goes about pretending to be other people, hoping to eventually "find himself." He poses as a Harvard professor, a Trappist monk, a prison warden, and a navy physician, and manages each time to get away with the artifice. The film wavers uncertainly between tense drama and frothy comedy, with comedy finally winning out. Karl ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
Something of a precursor to the later Catch Me If You Can (although both films deal with separate real-life figures), The Great Imposter is an enjoyable, if fairly lightweight, drama that raises intriguing questions that it doesn't really answer. Some people will undoubtedly be bothered by the lack of a weightier approach to this story; after all, Demara is not only committing fraud, he is placing ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Ferdinand Waldo Demara, Jr.
Capt. Glover
Warden Chandler
Demara Sr.
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