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The Gnome-Mobile



The Gnome-Mobile
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G,1hr 24min
Walt Disney Video
Synopsis: The Gnome-Mobile was Walt Disney's first all-out fantasy since Mary Poppins. Walter Brennan stars in a dual role, as kindly lumber tycoon D. J. Mulrooney and the irascible (and much tinier) 943-year-old gnome Knobby. Mulrooney likes Knobby and his fellow gnomes, but the feeling isn't reciprocal, since Knobby considers Mulrooney a threat to his beloved forest. Meanwhile, the tycoon's vice-president Ralph Yarby (Richard Deacon), hearing his boss' claims that he's been consorting with gnomes, decides ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
The folks at Disney probably spent a pretty decent penny (in 1967 dollars) on The Gnome-Mobile, one of the studio's forays into live-action fantasy, and it shows in the special effects. The miniaturization effects are believable (and come off well, even in comparison with current advanced standards), which is of primary importance in this sort of film. Still, one wishes that more time had been spent ... Read Review
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D.J. Mulrooney/Knobby
Rodney Winthrop
Elizabeth Winthrop
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The Gnome-Mobile
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