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The Gallant Hours



The Gallant Hours
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NR,1hr 55min
MGM Home Entertainment
Synopsis: The "mutual admiration society" consisting of actor James Cagney and actor/director Robert Montgomery culminated in the 1960 film The Gallant Hours. Cagney stars as war hero Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey. On the verge of retirement, Halsey recalls his most fateful wartime experience: his five-week showdown between himself and Japanese Admiral Yamamoto (James T. Goto) in 1942. In command of the American naval forces in the Pacific, Halsey scores a crucial, tide-turning victory at Guadalcanal. In ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
An unusual war film, The Gallant Hours is notable for the restraint with which it conducts itself. As a biography of the man who turned Guadalcanal into a stunning U.S. victory, Gallant would seem a natural for epic, intense scenes of battle and for the kind of macho posturing that can sometimes be found in war films. Instead, director Robert Montgomery and writers Frank D. Gilroy and Beirne Lay, Jr. ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Fleet Adm. William F. Halsey, Jr.
Lt. Cmdr. Andy Lowe
Capt. Harry Black
Lt. Cmdr. Roy Webb
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The Gallant Hours
The Gallant Hours
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