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The Exorcist



The Exorcist
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R,2hrs 0min
December 26, 1973
Warner Bros. Pictures
Synopsis: Novelist William Peter Blatty based his best-seller on the last known Catholic-sanctioned exorcism in the United States. Blatty transformed the little boy in the 1949 incident into a little girl named Regan, played by 14-year-old Linda Blair. Suddenly prone to fits and bizarre behavior, Regan proves quite a handful for her actress-mother, Chris MacNeil (played by Ellen Burstyn, although Blatty reportedly based the character on his next-door neighbor Shirley MacLaine). When Regan gets ... Full Synopsis
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Chris MacNeil
Regan MacNeil
Father Merrin
Father Damien Karras
Hippie Dippy: Somewhere, a circus is missing a fortune-teller. Ashlee Simpson is a walking version...
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DVD Detailed Information
The Exorcist [25th Anniversary Box]
The Exorcist
The Exorcist [Extended Director's Cut + Theatrical Cut] [Blu-ray]
The Exorcist
The Exorcist
The Exorcist [25th Anniversary Edition]
The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen
The Exorcist [Signed Limited Edition Box]
The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen
The Exorcist [Director's Cut/Theatrical Version] [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]
The Exorcist [Director's Cut]
The Exorcist [Extended Director's Cut] [French]
The Exorcist [Extended Director's Cut + Theatrical Version] [Blu-ray]
The Exorcist [Special Edition] [Blu-ray]
The Exorcist [Special Edition] [French] [Blu-ray]
The Exorcist [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]
The Exorcist [40th Anniversary] [2 Discs] [With Book] [Blu-ray/DVD]
The Exorcist [Bilingual] [40th Anniversary Edition] [Blu-ray]
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