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The Event



The Event
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R,1hr 50min
January 1, 2003
Velocity Home Entertainment
Synopsis: Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald directs the sentimental ensemble drama The Event. Nick (Parker Posey) is a district attorney investigating several deaths in the gay community of New York City's Chelsea District. It seems that many AIDS sufferers have died under similar mysterious circumstances. Each case suggest the use of assisted suicide, which is illegal in New York. HIV-infected cellist Matt (Don McKellar) has died of a drug overdose following a large party in Manhattan given by his family ... Full Synopsis
Danica Patrick on being at the event, on how she feels about being a role model for women. She is...
INTERVIEW: Wes Chatham on the event, why he's a fan of Halo, strategy of the game
INTERVIEW: Justin McCoy, D-White, Dane Carmouche, Josh Lee of "Another Big Machine" on the...
INTERVIEW: Ryan Cabrera on the event, playing Halo on his tour, strategy, the experience of playing...
INTERVIEW: John Hensley on the event, Halo, the experience of playing the game
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