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The Elephant Man



The Elephant Man
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PG,2hrs 5min
January 1, 1980
Synopsis: John Hurt stars as John Merrick, the hideously deformed 19th century Londoner known as "The Elephant Man". Treated as a sideshow freak, Merrick is assumed to be retarded as well as misshapen because of his inability to speak coherently. In fact, he is highly intelligent and sensitive, a fact made public when one Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) rescues Merrick from a carnival and brings him to a hospital for analysis. Alas, even after being recognized as a man of advanced intellect, Merrick ... Full Synopsis
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Dr. Frederick Treves
John Merrick
Mrs. Madge Kendal
Carr Gomm
Elephant Man
Elephant Man
Elephant Man
Elephant Man
Elephant Man
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Elephant Man
Elephant Man [Deluxe Edition] [Blu-ray]
The Elephant Man [Blu-ray]
The Elephant Man
The Elephant Man [Blu-ray]
The Elephant Man
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