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The Earthling



The Earthling
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PG,1hr 42min
MGM Limited Edition Collection
Synopsis: Despite its title, The Earthling is not a science fiction opus. Instead, it's a low-key character study about a doomed man who finds a new lease on life by helping another lost soul. Suffering from terminal cancer, Patrick Foley (William Holden) returns to his native Australia. Intending to live out his last few months alone, Foley comes out of his shell long enough to teach impressionable young orphan Shawn Daley (Ricky Schroder) a few Bush Country survival skills. Ironically, director Peter Collinson ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
The final film of director Peter Collinson and one of the last for ill-fated star William Holden, this adventure drama is thoroughly absorbing, a surprise artistic success given its ill-chosen title, meditative pace, and somberly hushed, serious tone. The central tragedy that provides the film's impetus, as well as its recurring motifs of death's random capriciousness, render it inappropriate for younger ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Patrick Foley
Shawn Daley
Ross Daley
Bettina Daley
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The Earthling
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